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The Best Times to Schedule Duct Testing

Monday, August 1st, 2022

Because it’s easy to forget about the ducts in the walls and attic of your house—after all, you can’t see them easily—you probably don’t think much about scheduling service to test them and find out if they need sealing or repair. However, professional duct testing is a task that benefits most homes. If air ducts have leaks, it will cost a house in comfort, energy bills, and damage to HVAC equipment. It all adds up to big expenses and a loss of basic comfort, whether in summer or winter. 

We’re going to help you understand the best times to call us to arrange for duct testing in Malvern, PA

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4 Benefits That Come With a Ductless System

Monday, June 6th, 2022

You want an effective and efficient air conditioner in your home. As temperatures have already begun to increase, that fact is becoming more apparent by the day. So if you don’t have ductwork in your home, however, it may seem like you don’t have a good option other than a window AC system.

We are happy to say that new technology has given you some other options. If you haven’t heard about the perks that can come with installing a ductless system in Malvern, PA, then we’d love to give you some information that you may want to know.

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A Good Idea for the Coming Spring and Summer: A Dehumidifier

Monday, March 14th, 2022

Every building has to be resilient enough to deal with environmental factors. Your home is no different. Depending on your location, some seasons may introduce more issues than others. Due to Pennsylvania’s humid continental climate, high humidity can affect indoor air quality in Malvern, PA—especially going into summer.

But what issues can it create and, more importantly, what solutions are available to you?

Humidity and indoor air quality

Humidity is the concentration of water vapor in the air. Relative humidity (RH) is the percentage of moisture currently in the air, based on how much the air can hold in total. Outdoors, 100% RH is usually a sign of dew, fog, or rain.

Health experts recommend keeping indoor relative humidity between 30–50% for ideal conditions. Excessive indoor humidity can reduce air quality and present the following issues.

  • Mold and mildew

Mold and mildew prefer growing in wet and damp conditions. They rely on moisture to spread across surfaces like ceilings, tiles, and walls, which is more likely when there’s a lot of indoor humidity. If left too long, mold releases irritants into the air that can aggravate allergies and asthma.

  • Floor, ceiling, and furnishing

As fungi, mold, and mildew feed on organic materials to grow, they can damage textiles like carpets, curtains, and soft furnishings as a result. Depending on how extensive a case is, mildew can creep onto bedding, soft toys, and clothing. While many home remedies exist, prevention is always the first line of protection.

  • Walls

Humidity can damage walls as moisture from warm air condenses on cooler surfaces. Dampness can cause surface leeching on new paint and lead to curling on the wallpaper, aging the walls prematurely.

  • Excessive heat

Lastly, high humidity makes your home feel warmer, emphasizing the summer heat when all you want to do is stay shaded and cool. Humid air stores heat better than dry air, forcing your air conditioning system to work harder to lower the temperature. If you live in a humid summer area, this might be why your thermostat readings don’t always match how warm you feel.

Whole-house dehumidifier: the perfect solution

A dehumidifier is the best way to control indoor humidity because it treats the main cause of the issues above. Its refrigerated coils condense water vapor as humid air moves through the unit, filtering out moisture before releasing cooler, drier air.

Whole-house dehumidifiers are particularly effective at creating ideal conditions (allowing for 45% relative humidity). They’re more powerful than their portable counterparts, working with your air conditioning system to regulate temperature efficiently.

Thanks to its range, a whole-house dehumidifier maintains good air quality throughout a house, protecting the structure and ventilating out of sight areas too.

Get the best HVAC professionals for your dehumidifier installation…

Looking for an HVAC service to help you get better indoor air quality in Malvern, PA? Michall Daimion Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has been the Main Line’s Premier Service Provider since 1976. Contact us today to speak to a service expert about our solutions!

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Why Did the AC Trip a Circuit Breaker?

Monday, August 9th, 2021

Are you having an issue with your air conditioner lately where it keeps tripping the circuit breaker at the main panel? So you often have to flip it back, only to have it trip again after some time. If this sounds familiar, chances are that your AC is developing issues that require professional AC repair in West Chester, PA.

In this blog, we will go over the main reasons why air conditioners develop this problem and how to fix them.

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Is It Time to Replace Your Furnace?

Monday, November 30th, 2020

If you have worries about your furnace in Malvern, PA, such as concerns that it might be too old to make it through the winter, now is the best time to face the problem. You don’t want to have to schedule an emergency furnace replacement during a freezing day in January, leaving your family shivering (or having to check into a hotel) while the new unit is put in. It’s still fall and the right time to make the choice about whether your furnace can get by with repairs or if it needs to be replaced.

You don’t have to face this question alone. You have our experienced heating professionals to provide you with expert opinions and service. We can inspect your furnace and give you an honest assessment of its future, then provide the relevant work you need for an easy winter of home heating.

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The Dangers of Short-Cycling

Monday, July 13th, 2020

Air conditioners have a problem that we see on a consistent basis. Regardless of whether or not you’ve heard about the term “short-cycling,” we need to talk about what it means and what it could end up costing you. This is a problem that we see plague homeowners and their respective air conditioners because of just how catastrophic the effects can be.

We’re going to talk about what short-cycling is, how it can affect you, and why it so often means that you need professional AC replacement in Malvern, PA. We know that it can be scary to read about something that can be so expensive to fix, but we promise that the earlier you find out if your air conditioner is short-cycling, the better!

Read on and remember to always contact us if you start struggling with an air conditioning problem. We can help!

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How to Help Your AC Be Energy Efficient This Summer

Monday, June 1st, 2020

How often does the air conditioning system in your house run during the summer? The answer is probably somewhere between “a lot” to “all the time.” The AC draws on a large amount of electricity to run, and you expect to see your utility bills rise during this period.

But you don’t necessarily have to see it rise a lot. Below we’ve listed some helpful tips for keeping your air conditioner working at its most energy-efficient this hot season.

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Why Your AC Is Struggling to Keep Up With the Heat

Monday, May 18th, 2020

When you have a central air conditioning system for your house, you expect it to … well, cool the house. You set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature, and after about ten minutes, you should have the level of cooling necessary to keep your household happy.

So when an AC is running but not able to deliver the comfort it should, it’s a problem.

But … what kind of problem?

We have more than 40 years of experience working on repairing air conditioning systems in Malvern, CA, so we’re the people you can turn to for the help you need to get your cooling system back to work. Below we’ve listed some of the reasons you may have an under-performing central AC.

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Can I Do Some AC Repairs on My Own?

Monday, May 4th, 2020

When people ask questions about whether they can do their own air conditioning repair in Malvern, PA whenever their AC starts to malfunction, they’re often asking more about how they can troubleshoot an AC that doesn’t seem to be working right. Troubleshooting is different from a do-it-yourself repair, and in general, we encourage customers to try a few troubleshooting steps when something goes wrong with their home cooling. This troubleshooting may reveal the problem is a minor one based on a simple error, and it’s unnecessary to call for repair technicians.

But if somebody is asking if they can break out the toolkit, open up either AC cabinet and tinker around inside to do full repairs, the answer is a solid no. True air conditioning system repairs need to be left to licensed HVAC professionals. You can trust only a certified and trained technician to correctly diagnose and fix an AC problem.

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Does My AC Help With Humidity in Summer?

Monday, April 20th, 2020

High humidity on summer days makes it much harder for us to keep cool. The increased moisture in the air doesn’t make the temperature hotter—a 90°F day is still 90°F—but it does make it harder for our bodies to release heat and cool us down. This is why humid days feel hotter: we have all this extra heat stored up.

Of course, you have your home’s air conditioning system to help keep you cool. But does the AC do anything about the humidity aside from blast out enough cool air to overcome the heat? Well … a little. But it’s rarely enough.

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