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Final Reminder: Don’t Shut Down Your AC If It Has Repair Needs!


Cooler weather will soon settle in and you’ll stop using the air conditioning system for a few months. It’s a nice relief, especially since we don’t have stern winter weather in New Orleans. In fact, you may be tempted to simply forget about the AC and leave it be until you need it again next year. And this is fine … as long as the air conditioner doesn’t have anything wrong with it. For example, maybe there was some malfunction you noticed that you think you can tolerate until you need the AC back up in full form next year.

If this is the case, if there’s something amiss with your AC, such as odd noises, short-cycling, a drop in cooling power, or strange smells, please don’t let the system go into shutdown mode yet. You have one more job to do: calling us for AC repair in Wayne, PA.

But … I don’t need the AC! 

Procrastination is never good. In the case of waiting on AC repair, it can add up to comfort problems and needless expenses. As much as you may want to say, “It can wait, what’s the big deal?” we want to assure you that getting the job done now is better than waiting. 

There are several reasons not to allow an air conditioner to go on winter vacation if there’s anything wrong with it:

  • You’re kicking the problem down the field to deal with it at a less convenient time. It’s easier to have repairs done during a quiet season for HVAC technicians, such as late fall. When spring heat arrives and you’re ready to use the AC again, you don’t want to immediately scramble to find repairs. It’s a bigger pain than arranging for it when it’s not so stressful.
  • The trouble with the air conditioner may worsen during the downtime. The most serious case is refrigerant leaks, a common problem for ACs that not only lessen their ability to cool but will eventually lead to compressor burn-out. Shutting down an air conditioner with refrigerant leaks won’t stop the leaks! You could have an AC that’s severely undercharged when you start it in spring, and the damage this can cause is immense. This isn’t the only type of air conditioning fault that gets worse if left alone—and you don’t want to risk a compounding AC repair that will cost more to fix.
  • The neglected repair can lower the life expectancy of the air conditioner. At any point when an AC runs with a malfunction, it suffers from extra wear and tear that reduces how long it lasts.
  • You risk a broken air conditioner if you suddenly need it during the off-season. Hot weather can strike at odd points, and you may be stuck with a busted air conditioner because of a neglected repair.
  • Any fault will cause an AC to drain power when it runs. During the short period when you still need the air conditioner this year, it will cost you more to operate.

We hope we’ve convinced you: don’t let the AC shut down if it needs our professional repair assistance. We’re here to help.

Call on your go-to HVAC pros: Michall Daimion Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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