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Signs That You Need a New Water Heater Installed

Your water heater has been old reliable, but now, it’s starting to show that age in ways that aren’t so helpful. You know that something is off with your hot water heater, you just can’t pinpoint exactly what that is. Let’s help you figure it out.

Sometimes, getting water heater installation in Chester. PA is the fix for certain water heater problems. But before we go jumping to conclusions, let’s figure out exactly what’s wrong so you have a better understanding of the problem.

It’s Simply Too Old

Water heaters typically last for 10-20 years with proper maintenance and care. However, it doesn’t magically break down at that 20-year mark. It happens slowly over time until you can’t bear the inefficiencies any longer.

Eventually, your water heater loses enough efficiency that it needs to be replaced even when it hasn’t broken down yet. Since your water heater uses more energy than any other appliance in your home, an inefficient system is a much bigger deal than you might think.

Water With a Hint of Rust

If you have slightly discolored water coming out of your heater, or full-on rust that you can see, you’re not being met with a cry for repair. This is likely the end of the line for that water heater.

But what if it’s just mildly discolored? That could be sediment buildup inside your water tank that’s starting to come out. This is why you need a professional technician to inspect it for you.

If it’s just discolored water, flushing the unit and removing that sediment deposit should do the trick. If it’s truly rusty or rust-colored, the problem comes from corrosive components inside your water heater and may indicate the need for a full replacement.

You’re Not Getting Enough Hot Water

It’s been flushed recently, but still, you don’t get enough hot water. You know it’s not a capacity problem, so what’s going on with your water heater? It isn’t as straightforward of a problem as you might think.

Your water heater could simply be giving out. No matter how good a technician is, they can’t replace factory-like conditions. That means there’s always going to be a certain underlying level of wear and tear that can’t be fixed in your home.

Water Damage Coming From Your Water Heater

When your water heater starts leaking and causing damage to your home, it’s time for a replacement. Leaks can happen as the structural integrity of the tank fails. That’s not something that can be patched up or fixed since it directly impacts the potable state of the water. This usually results in full replacement.

Fix or Replace? It Depends

Sometimes your water heater can be fixed, but depending on its age, wear and tear, and maintenance history (or lack thereof), you might need a full replacement. Whatever you need, we’re here to help you out. Let’s figure out exactly what’s wrong and chart a course from there.

Contact Michall Daimion Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule your water heater replacement as soon as possible.

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