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Do Air Purifiers Actually Work? 3 Studies to Prove Their Effectiveness

Breathing in sub-par air quality is something we often don’t think impacts us. After all, we feel fine, so that’s good enough, right? You may not be hyper-aware of everything happening in your body when you inhale poor-quality air, and these studies show it.

It’s why air purifier services in Phoenixville, PA are in such high demand–the air quality in your home gets worse over time unless you purify it. Let’s go over five studies and highlight exactly what they mean for your indoor air quality.

1. Enhancing Indoor Air Quality – The Air Filter Advantage

The abstract of this study talks about 7 million deaths being linked to poor air quality, citing links between both indoor and outdoor air quality as reasons behind cardiovascular disease, COPD, and other illnesses.

While the study mentions outdoor air quality, the primary focus is indoor air quality. The World Health Organization found that around 3.8 million annual deaths that occur from stroke, lung cancer, and heart disease are linked to poor indoor air quality.

The truly scary part? The study cites information from 2012. Think about how much worse it’s likely gotten.

2. Assessing Effectiveness of Air Purifiers (HEPA) for Controlling Indoor Particle Pollution

This study discusses the effectiveness of air purification in the home, and how we spend around 80-90% of our time indoors, so the exposure rate to indoor air particles is much higher than many people think.

This study goes into detail regarding HEPA Filters, and that section references other studies that bring forth the results regarding indoor air quality reducing systemic inflammation, coagulation, vasoconstriction, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and improved lung function.

3. Air Cleaners and Air Filters in the Home

The EPA has a downloadable PDF that includes information about indoor air quality and air filtration. These cover everything from the metrics used to gauge indoor air quality, to air cleaning devices so you know what to look for.

It’s a simple guide, but an effective one to tell you exactly what you need to know about your indoor air quality.

Next Step: Monitor Your Indoor Air Quality

You know you need to improve your indoor air quality, but how can you be certain that it’s really that bad? You can buy small air quality monitors that don’t cost too much, and monitor your air for a few days. You’ll see where it is vs where it should be pretty quickly.

The Proof Is in Your Air

When you monitor and improve your indoor air quality, it makes it much easier to create a healthy environment. Right now, your indoor air quality fades into the background–it’s likely not a thought that crosses your mind every day. But it should be.

With a whole home air purifier, you can finally take control of your indoor air quality. Call us today to learn more and see what you can do about your home’s air quality so you can start living a better, healthier life as soon as possible.

Contact Michall Daimion Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule your air purifier installation as soon as possible.

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