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What Type of Air Purifier Is Best for My Home?


In our previous post, we wrote about whether your home would benefit from an air purifier and if air purifiers make a difference. We feel strongly that most homes will enjoy health and comfort benefits from having the right air purification system installed and paired with an air filtration system. 

But what type of air purifier is the one you want for your air purifier installation in West Chester, PA? There are several types. We’ll look at the common ones to help you think about this question. For solid answers and great service, call Michall Daimion Heating & Air Conditioning. Our professionals can find the ideal type of air purifier to meet your needs. 

Ionization purifiers

These are among the most popular of air purification systems. They operate by adding or removing a charge to particles moving through the air. An air purifier creates an electrical field called a corona discharge in the ductwork where the air must pass. Particles that enter this field will lose or gain an electron, becoming either positively or negatively charged. These particles will clump together, making it easier for the air filter to trap them or causing them to fall from the air. Many ionizers have charged plates that draw the particles down to them.

Ozone purifiers

These air purifiers generate the gas ozone, which is helpful at counteracting odor molecules and causing other molecules to dissolve. Ozone is an active agent: it seeks out contaminants rather than waiting for them to pass through a field inside the ductwork. However, ozone has some drawbacks because it can have harmful effects on people’s lungs. For this reason, ozone purifiers have fallen out of favor, although they are still available.

UV germicidal lights

The ultraviolet light wavelengths from UV germicidal lights disrupt the cellular structure of organic pollutants, rendering them either inert (and therefore harmless) or killing them outright. When UV lights are placed into the HVAC system to target the region where air passes over the AC evaporator coil, they can eliminate most harmful bacteria, mold spores, viruses, and microbes. They also help to prevent mold from growing over the evaporator coil, which will create the dreaded odor of “dirty sock syndrome” around the house.

Why not multiple purification processes?

In a lot of ways, the discussion we had above was just a lead-in to this—because most air purification systems on the market today don’t perform only a single type of purification. They combine multiple methods along with air filters. Some of the most popular models we install work with both ionization and UV germicidal lights. The right unit can take care of more than 98% of the unwanted particles in your home because it uses all the best tools, from basic filtration to microbe-zapping lights.

Call us for the answers you need

If you’re ready to have an air purification system installed in your home, reach out to our indoor air quality experts. They’ll help you find the right devices to deliver the cleanest air possible to your household.

Michall Daimion Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has been the Main Line’s Premier Service Provider since 1976. Contact us today to learn more about your indoor air quality options. 

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