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Can an Air Purifier Really Make a Difference for My Home?


If you’re worried about the quality of air in your house, you’re not alone. Today’s homeowners have much greater concerns about unhealthy pollutants, microbes, and germs floating around the air they breathe. And many have good reasons to. 

The reason that so many homes today have worse air quality than before is because construction builds houses “tighter” so the buildings are more energy efficient: it’s harder to lose heat in winter or gain it in summer. But this tight seal on the house also traps indoor air and the contaminants inside it—and there are more sources of indoor pollutants in households than ever before. Your home’s air can contain a mixture of chemicals and volatile organic compounds along with ordinary dust, lint, dander, and pollen. 

It’s with these smaller particles that an air purifier can really make a difference for your home!

Filter vs. Purifier

We strongly recommend people have whole-house air filters installed into their HVAC system to deal with such airborne particles as dust and lint. (The filter that’s standard with your HVAC system isn’t a whole-house filter and doesn’t actually clean the air.) This is a great step toward improving indoor air quality. 

Filters have their limits, however, and this is why air purification systems can make a major difference. Filters have an upper limit on how strong they can be before they start to block airflow along with the pollutants. The strongest filters usable for homes will rarely have the ability to filter out contaminants below 1 micron in size, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemicals, smoke, viruses, bacteria, and odor molecules.

What an air purification system adds to a filter is a second line of defense against pollutants that doesn’t require any physical media. Most purifiers combine several different methods of removing small pollutants, such as UV light (which kills organic pollutants like mold and bacteria) and ionization (which gives particles an electric charge so they clump together and make it easy for the filter to trap them). With the right combination of air filtration and air purification system, you can remove more than 98% of the unwanted pollutants from circulating through your home.

There’s another difference that air purification can make for your house: it will help your HVAC system run better and run for longer. UV air purifiers are excellent at preventing mold from developing along the AC evaporator coil, and removing particles from circulating through the HVAC system protects its components from damage.

Finding the Right Air Purifier

Installing either whole-house filters or air purification systems in Phoenixville, PA requires IAQ professionals. The expert must integrate these devices into your ventilation system so they can have the maximum effect. The professionals will also know the right type of filters and purifiers to use in your home. A poor installation can be worse than no installation at all, so please leave the hard work to our team. 

Michall Daimion Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has been the Main Line’s Premier Service Provider since 1976. Reach out to us to learn more about your options for better indoor air quality in your home.

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