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Do Ducts Even Need to Be Sealed?


If your heating and cooling system is the heart of your home, then consider ductwork to be the veins. They’re responsible for delivering air throughout your home, but sometimes they need help.

Duct sealing in West Chester, PA helps you prevent air leaks in your ductwork. This doesn’t sound like a big issue or cause for concern, but leaky air can cost you money. A lot of it.

Let’s talk about why ducts definitely need to be sealed and help frame a bigger picture for how it impacts your home.

First, It Reduces Wear and Tear on Your AC and Furnace

Think about this: your air conditioner and furnace each have a shelf life. The more they’re used, the more wear and tear goes into the system.

On average, your HVAC service should only have to run for about 15-20 minutes per cycle in order to change the temperature of your home. Do you know how long yours is running?

The less it has to run, the less wear and tear occurs. It seems simple, but if air is leaking out of your ductwork, that air isn’t getting to its destination. It’s just leaking into the ceiling or walls.

Your home changes temperatures slower, meaning you run your system for longer than necessary, even if it’s working as intended. It’s not the HVAC unit’s fault; it’s the ductwork.

You Save Money Every Single Day

Think about all that treated air that leaks out of your ductwork. It happens every time your HVAC unit turns on.

Depending on the season and your preferences, you could be running your HVAC system for up to 36 cycles per day. That’s a lot of opportunity for air leaks to dig into your energy bill.

You’re already spending a lot of money on temperature-treating your air, so why should you have to pay more? Sealed ducts save you money, plain and simple.

Don’t Worry: Duct Sealing Isn’t an Annual Expense

You don’t have to get duct dealing done every single year. As a matter of fact, a proper duct sealing job should actually outlast your air conditioner.

Duct sealing can last for upwards of 20 years. Even if you entertain the idea of your ducts having a rough time, at worst you would need this service once every decade.

Instead of looking at duct sealing as a once-in-a-while expense, look at it as an expense saver: all the money you would have spent on leaking ducts is now saved.

Yes, Your Ducts Need to Be Sealed

Not sure how long it’s been since your ducts were last sealed? Whether you bought a home with ductwork in it or not, it’s important to have sealed ducts.

You can schedule duct testing services to know if you truly need duct sealing. Similarly, you won’t need duct testing every single year, but you will benefit from it every single day.

Contact Michall Daimion Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule duct sealing and improve the airflow in your HVAC system as soon as possible.

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