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How Your Ductwork May Be Making Your Heating Much Worse and More Expensive


There’s nothing worse than being surprised by an unusually high utility bill at the end of the month. When you invest in an efficient heating system, you expect to see the financial benefits for a long time. The trouble is, no matter how good your heater is, problems in the ductwork can cancel out its quality.

Here are five big ways poor ductwork affects your heating system and electric bill. If you spot any of these issues, it’s time to call an HVAC repair service. Let’s break them down.

  • Air leaks

Ducts need to be airtight to move air around without losing heat or pressure. A leak anywhere in the ductwork can lead to uneven heating as air escapes before reaching the vents. Not only does this make it harder to heat your house, but it forces your heater to work harder to compensate.

Your system ends up using more power than it was designed to or runs longer to heat up rooms. In the end, you lose heat and end up paying more at the end of the month.

  • Dust buildup

Dust and debris building up in the ductwork is a heating and health issue. When this buildup gets pushed through vents, it can lower the air quality in the room. This can be a particular problem for people with dust sensitivity and allergies.

As for your heating system, dust is a sure way to clog air filters. This leads to pressure buildup in the ductwork, which causes further damage.

  • Short cycling

Both air leaks and dust buildup force your system to overexert itself to push out the correct amount of heated air. This creates unnecessary strain that can speed up wear and tear.

Overworking the unit can lead to short cycling. This is when the unit’s heating cycle ends before the air is sufficiently heated, which makes it more expensive to run. Short cycling is a sign of heater damage, so if the ductwork is the issue, it’s important to get it sorted before the unit breaks down.

  • Pressure irregularities

Air ducts are pressurized systems. They rely on pressure to move air from the heater to the vents because of how air moves from high to low-pressure areas. Pressure irregularities caused by damaged ductwork will reduce efficiency and make running your system more expensive.

  • Damaged insulation

Ducts installed in extremely hot or cold areas usually need insulation to maintain their internal temperature. This stops, for example, a cold basement from cooling air as it moves through the ductwork. Just like the padding around your house, ductwork insulation can wear down or rip.

When this happens, heated air can lose its heat when moving through cold areas. If you notice any damage to your insulation, call your repair service immediately.

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