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Reasons You’re Getting Cold Spots in Your House When the Heater is Running


Thanks to modern HVAC systems, keeping your home warm in the winter has never been easier. The right unit gives you everything you need to keep your space comfortable no matter the weather. But even the best heating units need maintenance. If you’re experiencing cold spots around the house even when your heater is running, that’s probably a sign that it’s due for service.

While the next step is to contact an HVAC professional, being aware of potential issues can remove a lot of stress. So let’s break down 5 common reasons for cold spots around the house.

Aging heater

Just like every other system in your house, HVAC units age. With regular use, time, and environmental exposure, a heating system will lose efficiency over time. Most units last anywhere from 10 to 25 years depending on these factors, but there are steps you can take to extend longevity. In fact, staying on top of the other issues on this list is the best place to start.

Leaking ductwork

A furnace uses a series of ducts to move heated air through the house. However, like a punctured garden hose, a leak in the ductwork lets air escape before it can reach the vents. Of course, it’s harder to locate an air leak, especially in a large system. That’s where expert help comes in. Our technicians are perfectly equipped for duct testing and sealing, so if you need HVAC service in West Chester, PA, that’s one less thing to worry about!

Miscalibrated thermostat

Thankfully, cold spots don’t always mean system damage. If a thermostat takes an inaccurate reading, even a functional unit can only work with the information it’s given. An HVAC technician can recalibrate a faulty thermostat, but if it isn’t broken, be mindful of where it’s placed. Drafty areas or warm appliances nearby can give off readings that don’t reflect the rest of the room. When this happens, it’s best to reinstall the thermostat in a more “neutral” area.

Broken zone control system

A zone control system combines a central control panel, electronic dampers, and thermostats placed around the house to give you complete control over zone heating. If you’re getting cold spots despite working thermostats, the problem may be the dampers, which control airflow.  Too much or not enough airflow will heat a zone unevenly. So if you have a zone control system installed, this may be why some rooms aren’t as well regulated as others.


HVAC systems heat and cool air in cycles. Depending on the unit, an average cycle can last between 10 to 20 minutes, but this running period should be consistent each time. Short-cycling is when a cycle ends before the air reaches the correct temperature. Not only will this create cold spots around the house, but it strains your unit as it tries to compensate.

What can you do about cold spots? When it comes to keeping your heating unit in top condition, get the best HVAC service in West Chester, PA.

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