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Heater Not Running? Let’s Run Through the Most Common Problems Right Now


Few things are as frustrating as your heater not working when you know it’s supposed to. You turn the thermostat on, wait for the room to heat up, and either nothing happens or it’s an extremely slow-going process.

Either way, it’s important to know common reasons your heater is not working in Wayne, PA so you can know what to look for. Sometimes problems don’t present themselves in a straightforward way, so if you can’t figure out what’s going on, you can always contact us to take care of things for you.

Thermostat Problems

Your thermostat is the controller for the heater. Your heater might actually be fine and have zero problems, but if the thermostat isn’t communicating the right information to it, the heater can’t do its job.

Thermostats can become miscalibrated over time. When this happens, it may just be giving the wrong information to the heater, so the heater thinks the job is done when you know that it isn’t.

If the room temperature is 70°F and you set it to 74°F but the thermostat is miscalibrated, it may think the room temperature is actually 73°F. That means it’s only telling the heater to operate until there’s a 1°F change. A technician can recalibrate your thermostat for you.

Dirty Air Filters

Airflow is beyond important to your heater. If you have dirty, clogged filters, they simply won’t do the job. You need constant, fresh air flowing into your heater.

If you notice that your heater shuts down shortly after use (even when it doesn’t heat the room all the way), this could be one of the reasons why.

Electrical Issues

If there’s a problem with the wiring or the fuses keep blowing, it could be the wiring inside of your heater itself. There’s also a chance that your electrical panel could need an upgrade.

As there’s more dependency on electricity, the need for higher-capacity electrical panels grows, too. A technician can inspect it for you to see if this is the problem.

Ignition Problems

Gas heaters still use an electric ignition system, so if the ignition isn’t working, it’s not going to light. The rest of the heater could be completely fine.

Ignition problems can start because the flame sensor is dirty. It’s responsible for shutting off the burner. When it fails, the ignition just doesn’t start in the first place.

It Can Be Frustrating

Going through these problems can be extremely frustrating, especially since they’re so common. Oftentimes, you can’t even diagnose them on your own because they can appear as other problems, or the issue can be unclear.

It’s time to contact the professionals and let the frustration go–we’ll handle it for you. Contact us today so we can get an HVAC technician out to you as soon as possible and get this problem fixed so you can go back to enjoying your heater.

Contact Michall Daimion Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule your heater repair and maintenance as soon as possible.

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