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How Long Can You Expect Your Heat Pump to Last?

Two technicians servicing a heat pump outside of a home.

Heat pumps wear two different hats. You don’t need a separate heater and air conditioner: your heat pump is pulling a double shift morning, noon, and night. Unfortunately, that can put a lot of stress on your unit.

They’re not going to last forever. It’s time to find out if you need heat pump replacement in West Chester, PA, or at least find out how much time your heat pump has left before it gives out on you.

The Rule of Thumb Is 10 to 15 Years

Most heat pumps tend to lose efficiency around the 10-year mark, even with proper maintenance. As each working component of your heat pump whittles down, it ends up taking more power to achieve the same results that your heat pump pushed out five years ago.

If your heat pump manages to make it to the 15-year mark, it’s bound to be on its last leg. At that point, energy efficient plummets and repairs become a much more frequent topic in your household. Replacing your heat pump at this stage improves its efficiency while saving you money on annual repairs.

You Can Promote a Longer Heat Pump Life With Maintenance

Maintenance is the key to a long-lasting heat pump. If you moved into your current home and don’t have a verifiable record of maintenance for your heat pump, there’s no telling what’s happened to it since it was installed. It’s like buying a car without knowing about any prior accidents (or in this case, lack of maintenance).

Unless you’ve been personally responsible for making sure your heat pump has had maintenance every year, there’s no telling when you’ll need to replace it. It will likely be closer to 10 years than 15.

What Else Contributes to a Heat Pump Lifespan?

Depending on how your heat pump is used, it may have a good chance at running that full 15-year lifespan. Here are a few additional factors that determine how long your heat pump will last.

  • If it operates in a corrosive environment with salt air, it will degrade faster.
  • If your heat pump operates extensively due to poor insulation or leaving the windows open, it will degrade faster.
  • An undersized unit that can’t keep up with heating and cooling a large area will degrade faster.

In short, they operate better and last longer in controlled environments where they aren’t overworked.

Eventually, You’ll Have to Replace It

Heat pumps take a while to die. By the end of your heat pump’s lifespan, you’ll be living with lower levels of energy efficiency and longer heating and cooling times in your home. Replacing your heat pump means enjoying faster heating and cooling with lower monthly energy costs.

Heat Pump Replacement Any Time

With 24-hour emergency service, there’s always someone available to help you with your heat pump issues. Regardless of the time of day, nobody should have to live with a lower quality of life because of heat pump issues.

Contact us today to replace your old, worn out heat pump and restore comfort to your home and family.

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