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Can Dual Fuel HVAC Systems Help Me Save Money?

Looking to save money on your energy bills? Dual fuel units are a great option. These systems use two fuel sources, as one might imagine, to heat your home. It’s a mixture of a gas furnace and a heat pump.

Dual fuel HVAC systems in Wayne, PA are an affordable way to keep yourself warm in frigid weather, but you can also use that heat pump to cool your home in the summer, too. Let’s take a look at these all-in-one systems and talk about how they can save you money.

Here’s How Dual Fuel HVAC Systems Save You Money

Let’s go over some of the main benefits of dual fuel systems and show where they really shine the most. In these cold PA winters, you’ll quickly see how they come in to save the day.

  • More Efficient:  Dual fuel HVAC systems are highly efficient because they use the best fuel source for the current weather conditions. Heat pumps are ideal for moderate temperatures because they can move heat from one place to another, but when the temperature drops below freezing, a gas furnace is more efficient because it can generate heat quickly.
  • You Save Money: Using two fuel sources can save you money on your energy bills. Heat pumps are highly efficient, but they require more energy to operate in colder weather. The gas furnace can pick up the slack, reducing your overall energy usage and cost.
  • Quicker Access to Comfort: With a dual fuel HVAC system, you’ll enjoy consistent, comfortable temperatures year-round. The heat pump can provide efficient cooling during the summer, and the gas furnace can provide powerful heating during the winter. You’ll never have to worry about being too hot or too cold.
  • Durable Solution (Long-Term Savings: Dual fuel HVAC systems are also durable and long-lasting. Heat pumps have fewer moving parts than traditional air conditioning units, reducing the chance of a breakdown. Plus, gas furnaces are built to last, with a typical lifespan of 15-20 years.

We want you to know the benefits, but there are also downsides to dual fuel units (otherwise everyone would be using them). Let’s talk about those so you aren’t going into this blind.

  • Maintenance Can Be Tricky: Like any HVAC system, a dual fuel system requires regular maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. But because the system has two fuel sources, it’s essential to schedule maintenance twice a year, once for the heat pump and once for the gas furnace. This will ensure that both units are operating correctly and efficiently, reducing the chance of a breakdown and prolonging the system’s lifespan.
  • Upfront Cost: Dual fuel HVAC systems do have a higher upfront cost than traditional heating and cooling systems. But the long-term savings on your energy bills can offset this cost over time. Plus, the increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact make it a worthwhile investment for many homeowners.

Great for PA Winters

Dual fuel units don’t make sense everywhere, but here in Wayna, PA they get the job done during our unpredictable, often cold winters. Talk to us today about installing a dual fuel HVAC unit in your home as soon as possible.

Contact Michall Daimion Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule your dual fuel HVAC unit installation as soon as possible.

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