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Is Your Air Conditioner Already Underperforming? Don’t Let That Slide!


We’re now experiencing true air conditioning weather here in the New Orleans area. We hope you already had your AC system’s annual tune-up with our team. If not, it’s not too late to get it done! This is the best way to fend off AC repairs and energy efficiency troubles during the summer, plus it extends the life of your cooling system.

But we know that nothing can prevent every malfunction in an AC system. If you’ve turned on your air conditioner and already noticed something amiss, please call us for AC repair in Berwyn, PA. With one exception we’ll talk about below, these problems will not simply go away or magically correct themselves. Proper action and professional repairs will stop the troubles from worsening and trapping you with a non-working AC.

A dusty smell from the vents

This is the one problem that may go away. If you notice a dusty odor coming from the rooms vents when the AC turns on for the first time this season, it’s probably nothing more than some dusty build-up over the time when you weren’t using the HVAC system often. The smell should subside in less than an hour. If it doesn’t, it may be something to look into.

The AC can’t keep up with the heat

If your air conditioning system has always managed your comfort needs in previous summers, you won’t be happy to discover that it’s struggling to keep up with demand. There are several reasons your AC may start the season off this way. We recommend you check to see if the air filter for the AC is clogged up. It’s worthwhile to put in a clean filter at the start of the season to give the AC a fresh start. A clogged filter will limit how much air the AC receives to condition. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you’ll need to call our technicians to see what is restricting the air conditioner’s cooling output. 

The AC is making odd noises

Anything sound you aren’t used to hearing from your AC is a cause for concern. Some of the most common cautionary noises you may hear at the start of the season include rattling, hissing, gurgling, loud clicking, grinding, and mechanical shrieking. Call us to investigate the strange sounds and see what needs to be fixed. It could be burning out motors, leaking refrigerant, a hard-starting compressor, or loose components. You’ll want any of these troubles fixed right away.

Electrical bills are much higher than normal

If you were shocked with the first electrical bill that arrived after you started using the air conditioner, it might indicate something is wrong with it. Compare the bill to previous summer electrical bills to see if this increase in cost is abnormal. Also factor in any rise in local energy costs. If you still can’t explain the increase, the AC may have a malfunction that’s forcing it to drain more energy than normal. Change the filter first, as this is often a source of efficiency loss, then call us to help with possible repairs.

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