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Please Don’t Delay With AC Repairs, No Matter the Time of Year!


Fall doesn’t immediately arrive when it’s September, and even the official start of fall at the end of the month isn’t a guarantee that temperatures will continue to cool down—if they’ve even been cooling down to begin with. But people have a fall mindset that kicks in with September, and unfortunately, that often means neglecting necessary air conditioning repair in Wayne, PA. “Well, I soon won’t need the AC at all, so why should I rush out to have it repaired?” they think.

There are plenty of reasons to make AC repairs a priority as soon as you believe your air conditioner needs them.

The heat is still here

First, you can never count out a sudden heatwave during the fall. An air conditioner still needs to be ready throughout the early fall season to handle the heat. If it’s running with a malfunction, even one that doesn’t outwardly affect its cooling capacity, it runs a high risk of a breakdown or a more serious malfunction that will impair its cooling. You don’t want to get caught needing to make emergency repair calls. Planned repairs on your own schedule are always better.

A faulty air conditioner drains power

And draining power means draining money. When the air conditioner has a mechanical or electrical fault, it will put more stress on its components, leading to it drawing on more power than usually necessary. You don’t want to pay more to run the air conditioner than you have to.

One malfunction leads to another

Problems in an AC tend to create other problems if they are not addressed soon enough. For example, a dirty AC coil will start to cause ice to appear over the coil, which will lead to a drop in cooling power. Refrigerant leaks will eventually cause multiple component failures, including a burnt-out compressor. The sooner you have a problem professionally fixed, the less likely you’ll have more than one problem that needs to be fixed.

A shortened AC system life

Imagine running your car when it’s leaking oil. This is terrible for the motor and will leave the car wearing down fast until it’s ready for the scrapheap. It’s similar to an air conditioner: if you operate an air conditioner that needs repairs, the extra strain on the system will shorten its service life. You may end up having to replace the system years early because you let malfunctions linger without getting them fixed.

Peace of mind is always worth it

Finally, do you want one more thing to worry about as fall starts? It’s a busy time of the year, and if you’re concerned your AC may abruptly give out on you, that’s adding to your burden. It’s not difficult to have AC repairs done: call us and we’ll get out to you as soon as possible. We’ll diagnose the problem and have it fixed so you can have one more job removed from the “to-do” stack and enjoy peace of mind that your AC isn’t going to fail on you.

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