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Common Misunderstandings About ACs


How much do you know about your home’s air conditioning system? It’s okay if you answer, “Not much.” Most people know only the basics about how ACs operate. It’s why you have professionals like us to help whenever you need a new central AC installed, repaired, or any other air conditioning service in Phoenixville, PA.

But a bit of knowledge can go a long way in helping homeowners like you get the most from their air conditioning. To help, we’ll go over several misunderstandings you may have about your AC and give you the lowdown. Call us if you have more questions or if you need to schedule service.

Air conditioners create cool air

An air conditioner may blow out cool air through vents, but it doesn’t “create” it. Cooling isn’t a type of energy, but rather a lack of it—in this case, heat. Where fireplaces, furnaces, and matches all burn to generate heat, an air conditioner moves heat away. As it extracts thermal energy from the indoor air blown through it, the AC lowers the air’s temperature. Since heat energy cannot be destroyed, the air conditioner exhausts the heat outdoors. There are your AC basics in a nutshell!

Air conditioners require periodic refrigerant refills

The only time an AC needs more refrigerant is if it starts to leak. Otherwise, the refrigerant amount in the AC, known as its charge, will remain the same throughout the system’s service life. The refrigerant circulates in a closed loop, going through evaporation and condensation, and never dissipates during this process. 

Shut your AC off when you leave home

If you leave your home for a day or for weeks with the air conditioning system shut off completely, your house will get extremely hot. Not only can this lead to damage to parts of the house and precision devices inside it, it will require you to run the air conditioning system for a long stretch to cool the house when you return. You’ll save energy if you set the thermostat to 88°F while you’re gone so the AC will only run occasionally and keep your house ready to cool down efficiently when you return.

Ice on an air conditioner is normal

No, although we understand why people might think ice on the evaporator coil means the air conditioner is working hard. The truth is that ice on the coil means the AC is struggling to absorb enough heat into the cold refrigerant inside the coil. This can mean the coil has grime and dirt on it, the filter of the AC is clogged, the blower isn’t working properly, or the air conditioner is losing refrigerant. Call for repair service when you see this.

The AC filter cleans the home’s air

This filter, also known as the blower filter, protects the interior of the air conditioner from dust and debris contamination. It has little effect on the quality of the air in the house, although if a filter remains in place for too long, it can start to harm indoor air quality. To improve air quality, an HVAC system requires professionals to install a whole-home air filtration system.

Michall Daimion Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has been the Main Line’s Premier Service Provider since 1976. Call us for AC assistance—we offer 24-hour emergency service.

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