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Why Your Boiler Isn’t Working as Intended and What to Do

Winter comes barking at your door once again, you flick the heat on, and… nothing, It doesn’t come to life, and you’re left with a chilly house. Your boiler might not have sent any warning signs ahead of its breakdown, but thankfully, there’s something you can do.

Call us for boiler repair in Wayne, PA–we’ve seen every boiler problem you can imagine, and know exactly how to handle each possible fix. If you’re still curious as to what’s going on with it, let’s fill you in.

The Pipes May Be Frozen

If your home is already frigid when you try to turn on the heat, there’s a chance that your pipes are already frozen. When this happens, you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature to thaw the pipes, because turning it on won’t work.

But the problem is you’re probably going to experience a burst pipe before it thaws normally. That means the ice expands within a pipe with so much force and pressure, that pipe gets a split or a hole in it, and begins leaking tons of water.

When it’s not quite as cold and you turn your boiler on, it will leak water instead of working properly. You can usually tell this by looking at the boiler pressure gauge, although it may take a technician to inspect the issue for themselves if there are no clear signs.

Your Thermostat Could Be Broken

Your thermostat is there to not only help you send a signal to the boiler to turn on, but it’s also constantly reading the temperature of your home. When it can’t read the temperature properly, it doesn’t send that “ON” signal that your boiler needs to start in the first place.

It could even be miscalibrated, which simply means that it’s not detecting the room temperature properly even though it is trying its best. Either way, the good news here is that your boiler might be completely fine, and your thermostat is far less expensive to replace (if it comes down to that) than the components in your boiler.

It’s Short Cycling

Short cycling is usually something associated with an air conditioner or a gas furnace, but it can happen to your boiler as well. While this can happen from an overpowered boiler quickly heating up a space and shutting down quickly, even though it’s doing its job, we’re willing to bet that’s not the case in most homes.

If your boiler is shutting down before reaching the desired temperature, then turning back on again, and repeating that cycle of short operations, it’s a problem. We can diagnose the specific issue and help you get your boiler back on track.

Let’s Fix That Boiler

No matter which one of those issues is plaguing your boiler, or if it’s something else entirely, we’re here to help. Just give us a call today and we’ll get a technician out to you as soon as possible. It’s time to fix that boiler and get your comfort back on track.

Contact Michall Daimion Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule your boiler repair as soon as possible.

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