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Michall Daimion Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Blog

October Is (Semi) Official Heating Maintenance Month!


Fall starts in September, but the arrival of October is when you can genuinely begin to feel the change in seasons. As people shift over to a Halloween type of mood, the temperatures will also start to cool off. It’s a refreshing change, but it also means that winter is not too far off. 

This is why we think of October as Official Heating Maintenance Month. Or semi-official, because you can also have maintenance done at other times of the fall. We just think October is the ideal time to have it taken care of: right before the holiday rush starts when the weather still isn’t cold enough you need the heater running most of the day.

Maintenance Isn’t a Semi-Annual Event—It’s Annual!

This is something we want to stress with our customers. Heating maintenance is a job you need to schedule once a year. Not every other year, or whenever you get around to it. We understand that maintenance is a job that can slip from people’s minds when they have so many other things to think about. But we urge you to make fall heating maintenance a priority, as regular a part of your October as any of your Halloween traditions. 

Why Maintenance Is So Important

Any complex mechanical device wears down with use over time. Your heating system only works part of the year, but think of how much you rely on your home’s heating in Wayne, PA each winter. Imagine how miserable you would be if it didn’t work right, or didn’t work at all. Think of the frustration you’d feel if you spent money on a new heating system that you expected to run for at least 15 years, but you had to replace it after only seven or eight years. These are situations you can avoid with routine maintenance—it’s an investment in your heating system and your family’s comfort and safety.

We want to highlight several key reasons fall heating maintenance is so important:

  • Safety: The top priority with maintaining a heater is to see that it runs safely each winter. This is especially critical for gas-powered systems, which are the most common in our area. 
  • Longevity: You’ll get the most years of service from your heater when it has annual inspections and tune-ups. Without this regular service, its life expectancy will drop. 
  • Energy savings: A well-tuned heating system is an efficient heating system that won’t waste power as it runs. 
  • Reliability: You can worry less about your heater abruptly failing you when you need it the most thanks to maintenance.
  • Fewer repairs: More than 50% of the repairs a heating system may need during its service life can be prevented with routine maintenance. 

Join Our Maintenance Plan

Getting started with your October maintenance is simple: call us to sign up for our maintenance plan. Our plan includes two maintenance visits a year (one for heating, one for air conditioning) plus special discounts and other benefits.

Michall Daimion Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has been the Main Line’s Premier Service provider since 1976. Call today to schedule your fall heating maintenance. 

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