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Is Your AC Making Unusual Sounds?

Unusual sounds are one of the easiest ways to identify air conditioner problems. If your AC units start to make any sound that is out of the ordinary compared to normal operation, it’s a red flag that you need to call for service sooner rather than later. 

You can keep reading to learn more about some sounds that should be considered unusual if your air conditioner is making them. Then give our team a call for your air conditioning service in Chester Brook, PA. Even if you’re not sure what is causing the sound, our team can check it out and get it fixed. 

Loud Noises

Loud sounds coming from your air conditioner can be anything from banging to scraping or shrieking. Each of these loud sounds can point to a different air conditioning problem. For example, shrieking can indicate that one of the motors is having problems with operation. 

Banging can point to a large component within the air conditioner being loose and knocking against a side. Scraping can mean that fan blades are bent and instead of moving freely, they are scraping as they spin around to blow air. 

Any of these loud sounds is a sign that you need to turn off your air conditioner and let it rest until our team can visit your home to check out the problem. Allowing the loud sound to continue on can worsen the damage inside of your unit and cause even more problems. It’s easy for damage to spread quickly inside an AC unit.

Quiet But Persistent Sounds

Loud noises are not the only ones to be concerned about. There are times when your air conditioner makes persistent sounds that aren’t very loud, but they are still concerning. An example of this is rattling. It is completely normal to hear a gentle rattling for maybe 30 seconds at most when your air conditioner first turns on to cool your home during a cycle. 

The rattling sound indicates that the attached ductwork is expanding or contracting with temperature changes. If the rattling persists or you hear that other times, you may have loose ductwork or other loose components inside your air conditioner.

Another example is persistent clicking. Your air conditioner does click a few times when it first comes on for a cooling cycle. But if your air conditioner continues clicking over and over again, it can mean that the unit is having trouble turning on or staying on. It still may operate and move airflow, but it’s likely struggling to cool your home down as much as it should, and can consume more energy in this process, ultimately costing you more money.

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