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Dual Fuel Systems

Heat pump systems are an excellent cooling and heating choice for residents of Malvern, PA and the rest of the Main Line. But they do come with one drawback—they make fantastic air conditioners, but struggle to operate efficiently when temperatures get too cold in the wintertime. And as we know, weather around here can get pretty chilly! No need to worry—you have a highly energy efficient option—a dual fuel system installation.

Who better to call for that dual fuel system installation than the team here at Michall Daimion Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.? Our service champions are committed to providing our customers with exceptional value and an unprecedented experience. If you want professional guidance on whether a dual fuel system is right for your home, then we’re the team to call.

Contact us today to learn more about dual fuel systems and their benefits!

Should You Choose a Dual Fuel System?

Is a dual fuel system installation right for your specific needs? The answer to this starts with understanding how this system works. In cooling mode, it operates just as powerfully as any cooling system of the same nature and size. In this mode it works like a standard AC, where it evaporates refrigerant through an indoor coil to draw out heat from the inside air and expel it outdoors.

In heating mode, the refrigerant process is reversed—the heat pump can heat your home instead. But as we mentioned, heat pumps often struggle when temperatures drop too low, since there is limited heat to pull from the outdoor air. That’s where the furnace part of a dual fuel system comes in. When the heat pump starts working inefficiently, the furnace starts up and takes over the job, for optimal efficiency.

Replacing Your Current System with a Dual Fuel Heat Pump

Do you already have a central AC system for cooling, and a central gas or propane-powered furnace for heating? Is that air conditioner aging? Then you may want to consider a dual fuel system replacement. It will replace your failing air conditioner, and will add efficiency to your existing gas-powered or propane furnace. What makes a dual fuel system often superior to the furnace for heating is that a furnace can burn too much fuel, making your home feel stuffy, and leading to HVAC inefficiency.

A dual fuel system replacement is a great compromise between a heat pump and a furnace. Dual fuel systems, no matter what fuel source they run off of, are very efficient, save you money on your HVAC bills each month, and will keep you more comfortable year-round than any other type of system.

Comprehensive Dual Fuel Services

When it comes to a standard air conditioner, maintenance is required once a year. With a dual fuel system or even just a heat pump, however, that single system needs a tune-up twice a year. The reason is that they’re used year round and don’t really get a break, so you need to keep them in good working order.
Contact our team regarding dual fuel system maintenance—our technicians will thoroughly inspect and clean your system, ensuring there are no areas of opportunity for repairs in the meantime.

Dual fuel system maintenance also helps fend off the worst of dual fuel system repairs. These HVAC systems can accumulate costly and inconvenient repair needs if dual fuel system maintenance isn’t kept up. Ask about our preventive maintenance program agreement! This agreement includes two tune-ups a year, priority scheduling for emergency service calls, a 20% discount off of your flat rates for parts, and much more.